11 January 2008


I just registered on the New FamilySearch website! If your temple district is online I would exhort you to do likewise!!!!!!!!!! It's so cool! I feel like it's Christmas all over again, only instead of the materalistic, secular, Santa Christmas this is the real thing! This is an incredible gift from our Heavenly father to help us participate in the salvation of His children.
Our temple district is not actually online yet, but I've been called as the FHC Director here, so I registered as such and now get a bit of advance training so that I'll be ready to teach others. It was a welcome surprise this morning to find out that I actually get to use the site already instead of accessing my training from the alternate method. Maybe that means the rumors are true and Lubbock will be online soon. I can't wait to see other family members on there so we can work together. I am so excited to get started, but am restraining myself and trying to be sure I learn what I am doing first so that I submit only the highest quality work!

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