23 January 2008

Hey, Ashley, you're live!

You're in the Sacramento Temple district, aren't you? That means you can register at New FamilySearch. You'll need your unit number (ask your ward clerk) and your confirmation date (again, ask your ward clerk or ask Mom) and your membership # off your recommend. It doesn't take long to register and then you'll be able to link to our family history. I'm already registered because of my calling, but you're the first family member living in a temple district that's actually "Gone Live." Let me know if you have any trouble linking up or if you just want some instructions/info to make it easier.


Ash said...

Yeah, I've been meaning to check on that but then we had no internet for so long that I completely forgot. I'll get going on that. Dude, you are talking to Ashley, I actually keep those printouts they give you at your tithing settlement with all of your info like unit #, etc. :)

Christie said...

Hehehehe...we keep them too (It takes an act of Congress to get James to throw anything away.), but we'd never be able to find them!

Ash said...

Okay, so I finally registered for this and started out. But what does it mean that my district is "live" and what do I start with??