17 January 2008

Just had Elizabeth's speech evaluation

Actually, it was an overall evaluation with Early Childhood Intervention. It went well and I think it really helps that both of the women have been in our home at least once a month since Amelia came home from the NICU, so Elizabeth knows them and they know her. Just as I thought, the only area she is delayed is communication. And I've seen a lot of progress over the past week or so, but it feels good to know that we'll have 3 appointments a month (2 speech, 1 general) to have someone work with her and give me ideas on what to do with her. The speech therapist will actually be working with both girls at each appointment since Amelia really doesn't need speech therapy at the moment, but we want her monitored. We set it up with Amelia right before she caught on to nursing, so there hasn't been much to do with her...but before we know it she'll start on solids and there's the possibility of her high-arched palate causing problems with that, so if it does we'll split up the appointments at that point. James was home for lunch most of the appointment, so that was really nice because we could both give our input and he could be more in the loop with what ECI is and does.

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Audra said...

Lettie was in peach thereapy. She can not make the "g" and "k" sound, so it effects A LOT of words. I think part of her problem is her adniods need to be removed, but the doctor wants her on nosespray for 2 months to see if that will clear it up! Poor girl can't breathe through her nose... so she always sounds very nasaly too! Hopefully in 2 months the adniods will shrink or they will take them out and then we can see from there if she needs to go back to speech again. Good thing you are catching it young though... that is important!