17 January 2008

Some progress

Well, I haven't been posting much because I've been having a lot of fun doing Family History. It's done wonders for my mood, which hasn't been so great lately.

We're also making progess on a couple of important child-rearing fronts. One of the biggest mistakes I made with Elizabeth was letting her get hooked on a bottle when I had to wean her to take meds for morning sickness. Not only that, but she was taking one to bed and for a nap...exactly what should be avoided! But I was sick and it would just be temporary. Yeah.
I'd just about gotten her off when I went into preterm labor and it all went downhill from there! But we've been adding more and more water to her bottles and for the past few days she's had nothing but water in the bottle! Hurray!

And Amelia and I are officially out of the recliner and into the bed. I never thought co-sleeping would be a victory for me (with Elizabeth that was a last resort) and I honestly sleep better in the recliner with fewer aches and pains, but she was just getting too big. Besides, this way I can sometimes slip away. Now I just have to find a way to put her down for naps...she's in my lap right now. Elizabeth throws a fit if I leave the room and wants to be right next to (pretty much on top off) Amelia if we lie down.


Audra said...

Callie was my clingy one! Around 6 months it got better... though I can not get her out of the bed and I can not get her to take a bottle... I am working on it... so I know how you feel a bit! Good luck!

Ash said...

Even though I hated the fact that neither of my kids like bottles, now I am so glad! Never had to deal with that whole thing. Weaning off the breast is hard enough! I know how you feel with the aches and pains of co-sleeping. Blaise wants to nurse all night long (literally!) and I never get into a comfortable position. But we just noticed that he's getting two molars, so maybe once those come through he'll let us put him in his crib. Naps were hard when Blaise was born because Rae didn't want to be alone for more than a few minutes and she'd wake him up when she came to find me.