19 November 2007

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

I told y'all I would follow up with some things we all can do to move forward the great work of Family History. Well, what do you know about Family Search Indexing? Did you read this Ensign article?

Today I read about a mother of two little ones who just completed 10,004 names since January. I wish I could say that was me. I started last fall and have done 3350, almost all of which was before Amelia was born.

Well, I'm determined to do better! My 12 days of Christmas Challenge is to do 12 batches (usually 50 names per batch) between now and Christmas. A batch takes about a half hour, so it's really not that much. And there are lots more than 12 days before Christmas, so plenty of time for the bustle of the season.
After all, what are we celebrating? Our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is one little way we all can become "saviors on mount Zion" and really CELEBRATE Christmas. Believe me, it is easy. My mother in law would be the first to tell you she and computers do not mix and she is hooked!

Anyone else want to join in? Report your batches here and I will try to match it (on top of my 12). They really need Spanish indexers, hint, hint.

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Katie said...


I did read that Ensign article and I had actually never heard of it before then - I am so glad you brought this up. I really wanted to try it when I read the article, but totally forgot about it in the meantime. I was worried it was something that took awhile to learn, but I will have to check it out!