14 November 2007

Tagged part 2

Christie tagged me so I hacked the blog and added myself as a poster so I could answer these.....
5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Going to the Special Editions of the Star Wars movies back to back to back with Bryan.
2. Dodging the missionary draft
3. Starting my 2nd degree
4. Helping raise Darren because my Dad was being sent to one warzone after another by the Army
5. My Mom got me hooked on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show

5 Things on my to-do list today:
1. Sit around all day because I have to take one of my juveniles to a psych via teleconference with no scheduled appointment times but we'd better be there immediately waiting when the nurses call or there'll be frak to pay
2. Try to do the paperwork that I didn't get to do because of the transport I had to do yesterday.
3. Get fed up yet again with the incompetence coming from the new regime in Central Office and instead decide to spend my time on something worthwhile: finishing my proposal to start a Scout troop out here at work
4. Take occasional breaks to start learning the knots required for Scout ranks so I can complete another ticket item for my Wood Badge beads (the Scout troop proposal is the big item on my ticket)
5. Run away from work right at 5PM (fie on the phone calls for these “poor baby” juveniles because I was transporting other juveniles partway across Texas yesterday, if they really cared about their families they wouldn't have been terrorizing the state, besides, the state is giving them 50 free minutes a month on the pay phones!) so I can get the stuff ready for the Young Men to actually have a decent activity planned for Mutual's combined activity. Also figure out how to get to the Scout office 70 miles away to pick up the popcorn sales.

5 Foods I enjoy:
1. Chocolate Chip cookies, easy on the chocolate chips
2. Rouladen
3. pepperoni, pineapple, and bacon pizza
4. Wing Stop, wings and fries
5. IBC Root Beer and milk (separate or together, either is good)

5 Bad habits:
1. Spending way too much time on the computer
2. Procrastinating/ Starting projects and not finishing them
3. Getting angry about things I can’t control (like work)
4. Overeating
5. spoiling the girls. Elizabeth is our branch’s unofficial assistant organist now because I let her play on the organ, for example. Now she adds her own interpretations to the prelude music.

5 of my favorite toys:
1. computer
2. Battletech
3. lightsabers
4. costumes
5. anything that flies

5 People I tag:
I think I'm gonna end up being the one that extends the tags to outside of this circle.
1. Bryan
2. Katie (married to above)
3. Darren
4. Kenny
5. Matt


Katie said...

Glad to hear from you James! Your t-do list sounds very un-fun. oh, and I tried the root beer and milk thing and I liked it.

James said...

Glad you like the drink. Proves I'm not weird :)

Christie said...

No, it just proves Katie IS!

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