16 November 2007

I want to move to another temple district

Ancestry Insider posted this map compiling what is known and rumored about the rollout of the New Family Search. I am so jealous of those of you that are in green or yellow temple districts! As you can see, Lubbock is red. What is the New Family Search, you ask? You can click on the link to see the welcome page, but unless you are a member of the Church living in a green tenple district you won't be able to register and see (or do) anything else. Yellow temple disricts should be going online in the next 90 days, many by the end of the year.

So, what's the big deal? This is something President Hinckley has been mentioning in General Conference for a couple of years now and it's finally coming to pass! Of course I haven't seen it yet (Surely there's somewhere in the Albuquerque district close enough for James to commute!) but from what I've read it is a major breakthrough in helping Church members collaborate on family history and avoid duplicating ordinances. The reason they are rolling it out slowly is to make sure it is as good as it can possibly be, fixing problems as they arise before they can snowball. That's why everyone says the Wasatch Front (no dots) will be the very last to come onboard.

From what I understand, we'll be able to link up our family history in the way that Ancestral File was meant to do, but with all the lessons learned from that venture and the huge advances in technology since then making it very LIVING. Temple ordinances will be reserved through this website and updated automatically. I'm so excited to get going on this new era of family history and temple work. It will make it so much easier for extended family to stay on the same page and work together amd I'm really hoping that my siblings will have an easier time of benefiting from the research I've done and expanding on it. Maybe this'll be the way that we finally work together to clean up those half-finished cards that have been getting lost, burnt, and scattered across the country since 1998.

Let me know what you're hearing in your temple district (over the pulpit, through priesthood channels, or just gossip, I'm not picky) about the New Family Search. I plan to post soon about what I am doing to prepare and perhaps some suggestions y'all might want to follow to join in this great work of redeeming the dead!


Katie said...

Wow Christie, this is very cool. I haven't heard anything about it yet.

The Sands Crew said...

I have it here in NM it so COOL!!!!! Confusing at times but I am getting used to it...