23 November 2007

It's really happening!

First of all, I got shipping confirmation on my Babycenter $20 off $20 order (Thanks, Katie!). Then I just got confirmation from Amazon that my Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-Choo is on its way...for free! I am SO excited! I hope the other toys ship soon!


Katie said...

WOW! I have to admit that I am a little bitter that I found that deal right after it died and now it is actually going through! That is awesome though. Deal of the year! Oh, and Gabe has always been in love with those trains!

Audra said...

We have that train and the girls love it... even Nolan loves it! For Christmas I bought them extra cars for it so it will be 5 long! The songs are catchy, I find myself singing them all the time "Hop on Board the Animal Train... common everyone!" Your gals will love it!

missionarymom said...

Wow, that's great!