25 November 2007

"Snowed In"

By west Texas standards, anyway! Church was cancelled and everything! We didn't get outside until noon, so it had mostly melted, but Elizabeth sure had fun.

Amelia, not so much. She just burrowed into Mommy and went to sleep.

The slide was really fast and there was a pile of snow to land in instead of the usual sticky burrs!

Elizabeth touched the merry-go-round and said, "Hot!"

Bye for now! We'll have more pics up on Shutterfly soon!


Ash said...

Aww, how fun! Rae really wants to go and see some snow this year. Luckily there are some nearby places to go and see some. Hey, maybe we'll even get some this year (I think the last time they got some was in 2002)

Audra said...

What in the heck!? Snow in Texas! Weird weather we are having this year! Looks like fun! I think it is funny church was cancelled!

missionarymom said...

Oh, Elizabeth is soooo cute! I wish I was there. She's growing-up without me. I miss allya'll so much! and when did learned to say "Hot"? and what a smart girl to use "hot" for "freezing"!

missionarymom said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Dad put the picture of Elizabeth on the merry-around on the desktop as the screen saver.

Jamie said...

I love that picture of Amelia burrowed into your shoulder. It's almost like she has this look that says,"Just let me sleep!"