07 July 2008

Any tips on renting a car?

Ok, so I'm trying to work on our car rental for our sidetrip to Fayetteville to see James' brother. We'll be going out there Thursday (17th) and coming back Saturday morning since the weekend rental rates start Thursday at noon. It just seems like there are SO many options and they tend to be really close to the same, but then you go further and there are so many things to add on or not...and I just get bogged down. And then I start to wonder if we need a car for the whole week...there are going to be a LOT of people there! Has anyone stopped and figured out how we're all getting to Church on Sunday, for example?
This was much easier the first time I rented a car...just went with the one place that would take debit and rent to under 25. Then the only other time was after the guy hit me on the way to Texas; just got what was available at the last minute.
Doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but I keep getting a stupor of thought, so I thought I'd ask if anyone had any tips?


Christie said...

Problem solved. Thanks Ash!

Katie said...

Sorry I never responded to this. Somehow I never saw this post! Didn't want you to think I was ignorning you!