14 July 2008

Sensory Seeking Elizabeth

A friend's blog reminded me that I've been meaning to write about a book that has really helped me understand and help Elizabeth lately. It's called The Out of Sync Child and deals with difficulties some children have because of the way they process the world around them. In some children that takes the form of avoiding physical sensations like getting dirty or feeling off balance. In others, like Elizabeth, it is just the opposite.

The part that really convinced me that this was my child was when it said that the Sensory Seeker doesn't just give a hug, he or she gives a full-body tackle. Yup, that's Elizabeth. It's hard to explain just how enlightening this book is, but the Amazon descriptions and reviews do a good job if you click on the the link. I'm going to read The Out of Sync Child Has Fun next to get ideas on ways to use Elizabeth's strengths to help her in the areas she's struggling (communication and pretend play).

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TheSandsCrew said...

my sister loves this book. She said it was one of the best books she had ever read.