14 July 2008

Murphy came to visit before we could leave

It just figures that the dryer would go out the day before we're supposed to leave. And yes, we need to do laundry so that we can pack. James is trying out an old dryer that was in the garage from right after the fire. It is an old coin op one the facility lent us and then never picked back up after we got another one. Wish us luck!


mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

What tough luck! But hopefully James will get the other one running. Yes, Murphy has a way of making life complicated. Have a great trip!

Mom B said...

HI James and Christie! It's Marilyn - and I'm so happy I found you on Anna's blog! I love hearing how you and your kids are all doing! We'll miss you this year in Lava, but maybe next year we'll catch you all!