10 July 2008

What kind of night will it be?

Elizabeth didn't go down for a nap, then was so tired that she fell asleep on the floor at 5pm while I was changing her poopy diaper. She and Amelia then slept until 6:30 or so, when Elizabeth woke up screaming and woke up Amelia, who quickly became cheerful, but Elizabeth insisted on going into the bedroom to continue her late nap, waking at 8:30, still pretty grumpy. Now, after a late dinner, she's somewhat cheerfully fighting with Amelia.
James went on a "field trip" for a baseball game against another facility and won't be back until VERY late tomorrow night. Oh, and then he has to work Saturday, and you know what Sundays are like in a Branch Presidency. So that brings us to Monday...the day before we leave for Dallas to catch our flight to Charlotte Wednesday morning. Can you tell I'm just a bit stressed out about it all? So, what time do you think Elizabeth will go to bed tonight?!


Katie said...

Ugh. That sounds horrible! It's time to break out the Dramamine! :o)

Notice it is 4 am and I am up. Yeah, fun times.

Christie said...

Did Gabe get up at 4am? Or is it pregnancy insomnia? Fortunately I haven't ever had to deal with really early wakings (7am is early around here). I'd much rather stay up late than get up early.
Benedryl did cross my mind and she DOES have both a cold and mesquito bites ;)
But she went down at midnight, which wasn't so bad. Up at 8am like normal, though. Fortunately she came in and cuddled (thrashed around) for another 45 minutes until Amelia and I were awake enough to get up.
The best thing was that after sleeping on me for a couple of hours at the computer, Amelia was out enough to stay on the bed without me, so I was able to get Elizabeth down in her own bed and I didn't have to be squeezed between them (on a king bed with plenty of room!) all night.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I read your blog this morning (when I woke at 6:30 after going to bed at 8:30 last night and sleeping all night, no babies in my bed...) and I was going to pity you, then I read your comment to Katie about how it wasn't that bad.

....Does that mean that you aren't stressed anymore?

Katie said...

Colin woke up. His legs were achy from immunizations yesterday. He tried to go to sleep on the floor next to my bed. I couldn't go back to sleep (pregnancy insomnia) so I got up, and then he got up with me. We ate some cereal and watched an episode of The Little Mermaid and went back to bed. As soon as we walked upstairs he went straight into his bedroom, with no mention of mine, which was a relief.

And Chad and I were rejoicing earlier in the evening when they both went to bed without a single complaint (that never happens) at 7:30. Nightimes have been so messed up lately. It is always one of us.

James said...

The night staff in the control booth didn't have any problems falling asleep last night. Meanwhile, my co-worker and I pulled 24 straight hours on duty watching the juveniles, tried to get an hour nap, and had too be back on again for another 12 hours.

But we did get back a bit earlier than planned, so maybe I can help a bit with the girls (if they'll let me).

lindsey said...

i must brag at this... for about the last week lily has been sleeping about 13 hrs straight at night... she goes down at about 9 and wakes up around 10. its beautiful