04 July 2008

Secret Pixies

Ok, I hope everyone is ok with doing Secret Pixies at the reunion, because I've volunteered to get it running. I'm using Elfster to draw the names and assign the families. It also has all sorts of cool functions where you can ask your family questions and stuff, but I think we all know each other well enough, lol. You could use it to give hints and stuff, but I also think we know each other well enough that the style of any queries might give it away, so be warned.

Each family should have gotten an email from Elfster at the address I have for the "Jeppson" parent (except I sent it to Mom instead of Dad and Bryce is with them). If you haven't gotten the email or don't know which address I sent it to, let me know. I need everyone to accept the invitation by Tuesday, so bug any family members that you talk to. As soon as everyone has accepted I can do the drawing for names.

Should be fun!


Linda, Mom and Granny said...
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Linda, Mom and Granny said...

GREAT! thank youfor volunteering

Ash said...

Thanks for taking care of this Christie!