01 July 2008

Calling All American Idol Fans!

Ok, a bit of a shameless plug for a friend back in Huntsville, Texas who is an awesome singer. She's in a local version of American Idol. She's trailing behind one other person and has a few people snapping at her heels, so please help out a fellow church member (sorry, couldn't resist the "Mormons Stick Together angle") and pump up her votes. I think you can even vote multiple times if you do it from different computers/ISP addresses. So here's your chance to vote and have it actually make a difference. If you love quality music, it is your DUTY to vote! (Yeah, the duty angle always works. Oops, did I say that out loud?)

Here's her original message:

"Hey guys! Please Help me out!! I am a contestant in Huntsville Superstar, Huntsville's version of American Idol, and I have made it to the next round but now I need your VOTES!!! PLEASE go online and vote for MEGAN BREDLOW #39 at www.huntsvillesuperstar.com !!! Just right there on the front page and then scroll down and VOTE! LOVE YOU ALL! p.s.and it would be great if you could ask people you know to vote as well! First place is $1,000 and the chance to record a CD! THANK YOU for your support and love!! Megan Bredlow~"

In all seriousness, please go and vote. She is incredibly talented and makes a point of sticking to church standards in her classes and performances, even if it means turning down parts in plays and other performances. She could use our support. Thanks.

We'll resume blogging about our cute girls after you vote. (The "or else" tactic, I love it! Oops, this keyboard sure picks up everything, doesn't it?)


mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Okay, all your ploys worked on me, I did my duty and voted for my mormon buddy just so i can get more blogging about the girls- are you happy?

Ash said...

I voted.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I vote SEVERAL times...