06 February 2008

Amelia means it!

Solid foods now! She wasn't entirely happy at first...
... then she tried her first bite.She didn't spit it back out or anything, so Mommy gave her a few more bites.
She liked it so much she started lunging for the spoon. Mommy couldn't bring the spoon fast enough. The bowl was soon empty, and Amelia asked for more! Another satisfied customer!


Ash said...

How fun!

Audra said...

Since I have a lot of catching up to do, I will comment on your past few blogs since I was out of town! The pictures are adorable! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! She is such a big girl now! Look like you are having fun in Blythe! Solid foods are so much fun to little ones! Glad she likes them! They give mommies breaks!