12 February 2008

Worldwide Leadership Training

Did you attend this? All adults in the Church were invited to attend, not just those in "leadership" positions at the moment. I almost didn't go. A 99 year old sister in our branch died and her funeral was that day. Elizabeth fell asleep on the way home and was still asleep 15 minutes before we had to leave. I told James to go on his own, but then Elizabeth woke up and was determined to go with Daddy. (Yes, she has him wrapped around her little finger!) At the last second I realized that there was certainly no reason for me to stay home if Elizabeth was going!

One of the benefits to living in a small branch is that people are understanding when we drag the kids along. We showed up a few minutes late, babies and Sonic in tow, and the District President quickly set up a TV in another room just for us. (I'd thought they would be watching the broadcast in the chapel and we'd pipe the sound into the nursery, like we did at the funeral.) Anyway, it's scheduled to be available on the Broadcast page sometime today.

I'd felt impressed that this would be something I needed. Guess what?! The Spirit was right! The subject matter was The Family: A Proclamation to the World and was so relevant to where I am in my life at the moment. My favorite part was when a story was related of a mother with 4 kids under 6 who said she was trying for 10 minutes of scripture study, but it usually involved tears. The response was that 2 minutes was probably more appropriate for her audience! Then the suggestion was given to use a picture. Duh! I KNEW that, but I sure needed the reminder.

So last night we had FHE and the lesson consisted of introducing the first picture in the Gospel Art Picture Kit. I read the scripture on the back and we talked about the animals. Each night we will bring it out again (I put it in a sheet protecter) for our scripture study and next week we'll introduce the next one in FHE. So our FHEs and family scripture study are pretty much set for the next couple of years (or longer, just depending on when we feel our family needs something different)!

There were a lot on interesting moments, from instruction on adapting to local needs (especially small branches like ours), to very clear counsel as to the relationship between men amd women and how (regardless of local culture) THIS is how men amd women in the Church counsel together. It was apparent from the fact that President Packer was introduced as the Acting President of the Quorem of the Twelve Apostles that it was recorded previous to President Hinckley's death.. But at the end, an update was added and President Monson spoke to the Church. Cool bonus feature!


Katie said...

That is my FAVORITE way to do Family Home Evening/Scripture study. I have found that it works really really well.

Last night for FHE we talked about the lastest song that they are teaching in Primary, shared some stories to go with it, and worked on learning the words of the song. I know that Colin isn't going to remember everything from Primary, so I try to work it into FHE as well.

Audra said...

Ooo... I like the picture idea... honestly I have not been good about the FHE Scripture Study thing... but honestly my life has not settled down long enough to get in a steady pattern of anything. And honestly, I think having 2 babies in 3 months is a good excuse.. I know excuses aren't good, but if there was a contest for best excuses I think I would win hands down. But now that Nolan & Lettie are at an age where they will appreciate it and in order to get into a habit before our other 3 kids come, I need to start something... and I have the pictures... so HOORAY for the idea! Thanks! Seriously, maybe you were inspired to inspire me, because I did not know where to begin.

Christie said...

I added a link to my sidebar talking about how to access the broadcast.