26 February 2008

Daddy Time

We are very fortunate in that James gets to come home for lunch most days. Elizabeth lives for this, especially as most of the morning is spent with Mommy trying to keep Amelia asleep when Elizabeth wants her to wake up and play.
Today we were out on the porch waiting when he came home. Elizabeth had grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door; sure enough, he pulled up within a couple of minutes. I asked James to take her out for a bit of precious "outside time" before lunch. We don't have anywhere safe enough for her to play without someone able to grab her when she runs out into the street, so I'm leary of taking her outside on my own.
So 20-30 minutes later I realize they are still out there and James needs to eat lunch. I open the front door and what do I see?

"Outside time" has turned into "sit in the car and listen to music time"! James insists that it was all Elizabeth's idea, and I do believe him, but the idea was for her to get some fresh air and run around! Oh, and this picture shows her bangs that I cut too short...her very first hair cut. Oh well, they'll be perfect by Easter!


Olivia Carter said...

That sounds like Scott & Syd's sort of "daddy outside" time! Such cute pictures!

James said...

I brought the airplane launcher outside for us to play with so she could get some fresh air running around. We tried it a few times, but the wind was too strong for the little airplane. Elizabeth lost interest and decided she wanted in the car, trying all the door handles. She climbs into the driver seat, "tells" me to buckle up (and her too) and she starts "driving". She "asked" for the key and she put it in the ignition herself. I turned it to accessory and she did the windshield wipers and everything else. She even pulled out the road atlas and started looking at maps.

13 years will be a long wait for her, it looks like.

Ash said...

Roy does stuff like this all the time. I'll tell him to take the kids out and he'll take them to run some errands or something. No! They needed to run! But he is good about taking them out to run too. I think daddy's get bored at the playground faster than mommys do.

Audra said...

That is so cute! What a sweet memory! Even Jovie loves to pretend to drive! Kids and cars!