09 February 2008

Lovin' this blog!

A couple of days ago I'd read everything Google Reader had gathered for me from my favorite blogs (besides the family ones that I check several times a day myself) and I used the "Discover" button to find other things I might like to read. That's how I found Mormon Momma. It all started with the one about ways General Authorities eat a Reeses that I have in my sidebar now. From there I perused the indexed archives for longer than I care to admit. I showed James one about whether or not women can give the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting (the only one I've seen so far where the discussion got a bit heated) and he got hooked as well. We finally had to stop and leave it for another day because there's just so much worth reading there.
This morning I found a post that sealed the deal for me. It's about Sister Beck's talk and is an answer to everyone complaining on that blog Ashley mentioned. I love it! You can read it here.


Katie said...

Good find Christie! I spend a lot of time there today and really enjoyed the Sister Beck one as well.

Katie said...

I just thought I would let you know that a woman said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting today.

Audra said...

LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! But I also LOVED Sister Beck's talk. Thanks for the link! Her talk was right on and put things in such nice perspective. Off I go now to clean my kitchen, do some laundry, scrub my toilets, and sew a scripture case for Nolan with Lettie... seriously that is my plan for the day! And guess what? I love it... I suppose I am one of those dreaded "moms who know"! Ha!