29 February 2008

Breakfast in bed

I woke up this morning and heard Elizabeth walking toward me. I was on my side, facing away from the door, nursing Amelia. My first thought was that James must already be at work. I looked at the clock...7:22...nope; he must be in the shower.

Then a little hand reaches over my head with a little plate and spoon.

It turns out that James was still in bed (he'd gone to her when she'd woken up in the middle of the night) and Elizabeth had gotten up and was cheerfully bringing me breakfast in bed!

AND I have another cheerful sleep story (very unusual for Elizabeth). Yesterday she insisted on napping in her bed. Ok, yes, I want her to sleep in her bed, but we'd been getting great 3+ hour naps this week by having the three of us lie down together and that works better in a king than a double. Not tomention that my Doctor’s Choice mattress is so comfy.

I got her down quickly and took Amelia to my bed. An hour later I heard Elizabeth waking up, crying. This is very normal for her and the reason we all nap together because then I can reach over and comfort her and the nap doesn't end too early. But this time she's in the other room and Amelia is going to cry if I get up right then, so I wait for her to come in wailing at the betrayal (going into the other room with Amelia).

Suddenly I hear a very sweet "Night, night!" and, then...nothing. No crying, no getting up!?

This is what I found once Amelia settled enough for me to get up. Elizabeth may actually have a "lovie" and it is a pink hippo that giggles like a maniac when you squeeze its foot.


missionarymom said...

OH, she is getting so big! She's a cutie, too! I miss her and all ya'll.

I cheked out Denver Matress and there is one in YUMA! Cool, it makes wants to go Yuma tomorrow!

missionarymom said...

Thanks for the link!