06 February 2008

Elizabeth's 2nd Birthday

Christie, Elizabeth and Amelia got home middle to late afternoon on the 4th. After taking a few minutes to get the essentials out of the van and stretch, we got right to business: Elizabeth's birthday!She found the presents on the table and started opening them. Sometimes that consisted of throwing them to Mommy or Daddy (she learned to throw while out in Blythe) and having us open them for her. In this picture you can see the the new pair of shoes she insisted on wearing immediately even though they were a size too big.Her favorite present was actually an impulse buy from Mommy when she found lots of other good deals. You can see her serving some of her other new toys.Another favorite present was the bag of gummi bears from Daddy. A few seconds after this picture, Elizabeth realized that her two most favorite presents could go together and she put a handful of gummi bears into one of the princess bowls.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Mommy had gotten some samples of Warm Delights mini desserts, which Daddy figured were just the right size for the occasion (instead of making a regular sized cake and then having the leftovers calling to dieting tummies all night long). Topped with some Blue Bell ice cream and a candle, and you get a toddler sized birthday cake. Elizabeth hasn't learned to blow out candles yet, so Daddy helped. Then Elizabeth ate her cake and ice cream! Yummy! Mommy and Daddy also had their own servings of cake and ice cream, too.Amelia grabbed a princess bowl and asked for her share. She reminded Mommy that she's old enough to start solid foods, and now would be a good time to start.

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Ash said...

So cute! Those warm delights are a good idea for individual birthday cakes! I completely forgot that Elizabeth was turning two - Happy Birthday kiddo!