12 February 2008

Too many posts without cute pictures!

So I'll make up for it in this one!

Amelia likes Elizabeth's new dishes, but big sis isn't quite ready to share yet.

Yes, I belong to the "grab-the-camera-and-take-care-of-the-child-later" school of thought. Actually, I left Amelia there as long as she would sleep, and yes, I know Bumbos aren't supposed to be used up high. The washer is in the kitchen and I was washing dishes right beside her. As you can she in Elizabeth's picture, I also put it on the table.


missionarymom said...

With your back to the sink... Bad Mommy;)

Christie said...

Hey, with my theatre background, I "cheat out" :)

Audra said...

I love sleepy Bumbo pics!