08 February 2008

A trip down memory lane

A while back I discovered the fun of looking at the satelilte view of where we live on Google Earth. I've always loved looking at maps and they really help me find my way around. I get to know an area so much better if I've seen it on a map. Well, this takes it a step further.
Yesterday it all started when I got an email from Ancestry announcing the addition of CA Voter Records. I did a bit of searching and found a few times when Grandpa (Parkins) was listed. Then I took the addresses and looked them up, just for fun. Next, I looked up my parents' house. That led to lots of fun looking at not only the entire town of Blythe, but also the fields (where I used to work) and the two parks along the river. I'm sure this'll be something I go back to time and time again as I remember other things I want to take a look at.
Of course I spent a lot of time looking around the old E Ave B neighborhood where I grew up. Then I happened upon the street where we lived when I was little and saw the canal where Bobby was playing when he was lost. So I wondered...could I find where we lived in between those two houses?
I couldn't find Grandview because I didn't know it was Grand View. Besides, I don't know where those houses where other than one was on the Snake River and the second was on a big road (probably a highway). So I found Mountain Home and from there found Bruneau (since I can never get the spelling right).
Sure enough, I'm pretty sure I found the Mecham's house! I walked to school, so that gave me landmarks to look for. It's so incredible to take a bird's eye look at a place I last knew as an almost 7 year old. Now there are so many other places I want to check out now (everywhere I ever lived and many places I've visited). What would YOU like to take a peek at?


James said...

Peden Barracks/ Wertheim, Germany. The base is closed know, so I don't know what will be standing anymore.

I guess I could look at the other bases where I grew up: Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Fort Sill, the base at Permasens, Germany (I was really young then).

I wonder how the security is about the images, though. I know you can look at Area 52, for instance, but I doubt the image gets updated very often, and the one that was made was probably done at an authorized time.

Ash said...

We've looked up all kinds of stuff - every place we've lived, places our families live, places we could live, lots of stuff. We love google earth.

Audra said...

I like google Earth too... I like to look at my old homes. I should look at my home in Williamsburg, then scroll over and see if it will actually show you the CIA base. I wonder if it does not show certain areas.